Munchkins at Irodori

Age is really catching up with us these days. It was Flora’s turn to hit double two, and we celebrated the day at Irodori, a Japanese buffet restaurant at Riverview Hotel. We’ve been there once before, and to be honest, they serve one of the best sashimi that we’ve ever eaten at a buffet.

We initially wanted to try Ikoi, which was also a Jap buffet restaurant, at Hotel Miramar, which was across the road from Riverview. Unfortunately, even though I tried to get a reservation a week ahead, they were already fully booked. I guess that says about how popular Ikoi is, and we would love to try it one day. Nevertheless, let the feast the Irodori begin!

Cold tofu! Love this complimentary dish, but you only get one serving of it.

A picture paints a thousand words. Just look at the thick slices! Enuf’ said. 

Irodori Special. I think it was some lobster roll. Nothing to shout about. 

Shitake Mushrooms with teriyaki sauce. It was quite good, but we all agreed that they could sprinkle less sesame seeds. Too overpowering and it masked the mushroom taste. 

This was also another complimentary dish. Steamed salmon head. Lots of bones, but, YUM. 

Flora wanted to try eating the eyeball, so under the supervision of Dexter, she did it while Jovis was beside me looking on in horror and fascination. 

Gyoza. Tasted normal.

Flora’s favorite. Dobinmushi. Soup served in a teapot. Irodori’s version is a little salty but we grew to like the rich taste. Too salty for Wenting and Dexter

This is another reason why we love Irodori. Complimentary Mentaiko Grilled Prawn. Sadly, you can’t order seconds for this mouth-watering dish. 

Wenting’s softshell crab handroll. She had quite a few.

Tamago, Salmon and Ika Sushi

Dexter and Flora decided it would be fun to see who could swallow an insane amount of wasabi. Of course, the three of us wanted nothing to do with this. So while they decided to inflict self torture, I snapped away.

You can’t see it, but a huge clump of wasabi was nestled in the salmon sashimi. Let the games begin.

Hey, its not so bad!

Wait, wait. I take my words back.

Don’t cry!

Did I mention that because our food took forever to come, we kept ordering side orders of edamame. Wenting swore that her stomach only contained softshell crab and edamame.

I think this is called stir fried pork with ginger.. This is super good. All of us loved it. 

Wenting’s soup.. Can’t remember what it was called, but I think it was quite decent. 

Love (: [ Check out the ridiculous amount of edamames!]

Well, the sashimi was still as melt-in-the-mouth as usual. For about $43 per pax (after plus plus), it was a pretty good deal! So after a yummy dinner at Irodori, we dragged our stuffed selfs to vivo, again, to continue eating. The original plan was to end the night at Max Brenner’s, but we got sidetracked by a popular little game by the name of Munchkin.

On the way to Vivo. We just had to do something faggot. 

Still hungry, Jovis?

Upon reaching Harbourfront, we decided to walk off our dinner first. So we came across this shop that sold all sorts of games on the third floor at Harbourfront centre. We shopped around for abit and our hands got itchy.  I guess we were also looking for a replacement for Sabotuer, a game that we were hooked on for a period of time. If you have a group of about 4 – 6 friends, I’d suggest you check out these two games.

We decided to chip in and buy a Munchkin set. It was $39.90, with various expansion packs that you can add on to the main set. There were also booster packs that featured limited edition cards, but we decided just to get the main set first and get a hang of the game before buying the expansion packs.

So we made our way to starbucks to settle down and to begin learning this new game. Pretty excited. Flora also handmade all these cute spectacles. She also had us roll a dice and we were assigned an adjective and a noun. Marvelous idea that had us all laughing at each other’s adjectives. So while the two brainy members of the group read Munchkin instructions, we made a fool of ourselves and drew attention from other people who were clearly impressed by our glittery specs. Don’t you just love it?

Brainy Munchkin Wenting!

Brainy Munchkin Dex! (And such a camwhore too)

Husband and wife munchkin!

Presenting Ms Munchkin Soh!

Birthday girl with her presents! We got her a Paul Frank shirt and this sitting robot jack for her phone.. Wenting gave her a Tiffany file. Look at her beam…

After opening her present and buying of coffee, we learnt the rules of Munchkin and needless to say, we were pretty much hooked onto it. Nearly a month later, we’re still meeting weekly to have our Munchkin fix! We’re gonna do secret santa again this year, but a little differently. We have to write three items that we want at the back of the paper that has our names. Makes life so much easier cause we don’t have to scratch our heads thinking what to buy, and if the gift will be put to good use. I’m seriously considering putting a Munchkin expansion pack as one of my choices, so we all can have fun and enjoy it.

Well, if you’re interested, google Munchkin. There are even comprehensive youtube videos teaching you how to play the game. I guarantee  you’ll have so much laughter and fun, trying to win and at the same time, scheming with another friend on how to prevent another friend from winning. The last photo of the day I’ll leave you with this. Love this shot of our latest squeeze and our spectacles. Hang around for more laughter and nonsensical stories about my friends and I!

Till then, be Munchkin-ed!

– Blame it on the nights of broadway – 


Sushi Making

Sorry for the long absence! Been mugging for a test. Which I felt went horribly unwell. But, on the bright side, it’s over now and I can finally go back to being a couch potato. And, of course, cooking!

Haven’t made sushi before, though I’ve known friends who claim that it is a rather fun and fairly simple thing to do. So, I decided to make a batch for my friends, and for the birthday girl. So if you wanna try it out, hope this helps you with your sushi cravings! (:

I like to start out by gathering all my ingredients, so that I wont have to frantically look for them when my hands are dirty. Basic ingredients you’ll need for sushi would be rice, the calrose kind which are from Australia (or so my dad says), seaweed, vinegar, and of course, your sushi mat to roll your sushi. You’ll also need ingredients to put into your sushi; crabstick, salmon, unagi, jellyfish, whatever you like, just get those, and you’re all set!

Gathered my ingredients

So I started by cooking my rice first, so that while its happily steaming in the pot, I can prep my ingredients and by the time my rice is done, I can start rolling. Wash your rice, depending on how many pax you’re cooking for, measure it, and place it in the cooker. I used about two cups of rice and that was enough for about 4 – 6 pax for a light snack. To make things easier, use a standard sized cup to measure your rice. 1 cup of rice to 1 1/4 cup of water. Do remember to use the same cup for measuring both the rice and water, or else your rice would get either too dry or too moist.

1 cup of rice to 1 1/4 cup of water

With my rice cooking away, I can begin my prep on my ingredients to roll the sushi with. I got hotdog (birthday girl’s favorite), crabstick, cucumber, salmon, teriyaki chicken and avocado. I also got some jellyfish from Sushi Deli, so if you want raw salmon or octopus, you can buy them off the shelf and make your sushi with it. First up, the hotdog and crabstick went into the steamer. All you have to do is just allow it to steam for about 15 mins and its done!

Fresh from the steamer!

Now, while my crabstick and hotdog were enjoying a steam bath, I started doing my marinade for my chicken. A couple of weeks ago I was watching Nigella Kitchen, featuring a teriyaki chicken marinade recipe. I decided to try my hand at it and substituted chicken for salmon, to test out the recipe. Fortunately, the recipe was a hit and I decided to make teriyaki chicken sushi. Something that isn’t what you’ll usually hear of. The ingredients, method of cooking can be found here. Try it! (:

So, I mixed mirin, sake, brown sugar, soy sauce, grated ginger with a splash of sesame oil, and allowed my chicken to soak in this glorious brown mixture. Because I was going to use this for my sushi, I sliced up the chicken into strips. If you’re cooking it as a dish, dices of chicken would go perfectly with rice.

Soaking up all the teriyaki goodness!

Into the pan goes the chicken without the marinade…

When the outside of chicken is cooked, marinade in, lid on, simmer for 5 – 10 mins

Scoop out the chicken, leave the marinade in, turn up the heat and let the marinade turn into a lovely thick gravy. Turn off the heat and you should get something like this! For a more comprehensive list of instructions, click here.

Now, whilst I was cooking my chicken, I placed two slices of salmon into the steamer. Because I had to bring the sushi out to my friends, using raw salmon wasn’t a good idea. But cause my friends can’t get enough of salmon, I decided to work out something for them.

Steamed salmon is a good alternative for those who don’t consume raw fish!

After the salmon is cooked, fork it and you should get something like this. This would make it easier to lay it on the sushi. Remove the skin if you wish.

Well, now that all my ingredients are cooked, I can start laying them out in plates and get ready to wrap my sushi! I sliced up my cucumbers and halfed the crabsticks and hotdogs. Found an avocado in the fridge so I pitted it and sliced it up. Alright, so now you’ve got all your ingredients ready for rolling, your rice should also have done its time in the cooker!

You will need to mix the rice with vinegar to make it sticky and to add taste to it. I would suggest getting this packet of powdered sushi mix. It’s really convenient and you just have to follow the instructions on the packet. You can find it in most major supermarkets, NTUC, Cold Storage, Giant etc.

I scooped my rice out into a basin, so that it would be easier to mix the rice with the vinegar. While you’re mixing the vinegar, you have to fan it so that the rice cools and sticks together. I used a fan cause I was doing this alone, but if you have a friend in the kitchen, you can get your friend to help you out because the fan kept blowing the powdered mix all over my face.

Now, let’s roll! 

You’ll need a bowl of ice water, so that you can dip your hands into it before you get your rice. Now, I think its better if you learnt how to roll the sushi from a video, because it’s more interactive than reading words. So you can view a quick tutorial and get a rough idea on how to roll your sushi.

Add whatever ingredients you want, be creative and get rolling! Make different combinations and match different ingredients instead of the usual ones you find at sushi restaurants  Afterall, that’s the best part of cooking, putting all the ingredients that you love!

Teriyaki chicken and crabstick sushi! My friends loved it! (:

Look at the feast that awaits!

It was a marvelously fun experience to make sushi. I guess it doesn’t look as pretty and uniformed as those that you get outside, but I loved putting ingredients that I enjoyed. When you cook with love, there’s just something a little different about the taste that you don’t get from eating out. Hope you’ll try this out and you’ll have as much fun as I did! Blogging about this makes me crave for sushi again! Well, I’ll leave you with one last picture, and be sure to come back and read about Flora’s birthday celebration at Jap buffet restaurant, Irodori.

Till then, happy rolling!

–   Wanted 

Singapore’s Unofficial Funny Man

I chanced upon Neil Humphreys’ book quite by accident. A couple of months ago, my mother was reading The Sunday Times and they had a review on his book. She told me to get it for her if I passed by any bookshop. Quite by accident, while hunting for the latest release by my favorite author, I spied Neil Humphreys’ Return to a sexy island sitting on the shelf of Prologue at ION Orchard.

Intrigued, I picked up the book and began flipping the pages, to see if caught my interest. It had me hooked at the first sentence. So I bought the book, much to my mother’s delight.

This book contains all things sexy about Singapore. The new Singapore, that is. Neil Humphreys stayed in Singapore before casinos, the barrage and a new media hub at Fusionopolis was due to spring up. Having stayed here for ten years, I must say that he mastered Singlish rather well, with his book peppered with local slang that only Singaporeans would understand. After ten years in Singapore, three successful books about our tiny island, Neil Humphreys packed up and left for Australia.

I didn’t think that he would come back to Singapore, nor write another book about the Lion City. But, as he puts it, 5 years spent away from our sunny island, he got jealous. Return to a sexy island recounts Neil Humphreys adventures on all the places that did not exist five years ago. He also took to locations that were exclusively revamped.

The book is hilarious. I have never gone five pages without laughing out loud. Visiting places such as the Marina Barrage, the two new casinos, Universal Studios, Bukit Brown, Pinnacle@Duxton, he recounts each visit with wit and showcases the place, at its best. I can honestly say that if I had to describe Singapore and the places of attraction our little red dot had to offer, I would have never put it across as interestingly as Neil Humphreys did.

Return to a sexy island makes me feel proud to be a Singaporean. It makes me think of Singapore in a different, sexy light. Something that I never thought was actually possible. Neil Humphreys makes me want to go out and explore this new Singapore. And as I was reading the book, I kept wondering if Singapore is truly as sexy as he describes. If you think that Singapore is boring and mundane, with no activities and adventures you can embark on, you are dead wrong. Return to a sexy island shows you numerous ways that we can have fun in our little island. It shows us that places that were once forgotten have come back with a vengeance.

Humor, sarcasm and his usual jibe at Singaporeans are the best attributes of this book. I love how he accurately points out the ugly side of Singaporeans, but as shocking as it sounds how ugly Singaporeans are (not on the surface of course), we privately acknowledge that fact and I grin at how astute his observations are. Besides laughing at nearly every turned page, you can also expect to be immersed into his adventures that he embarks on. One of my favorites was his adventure on Chek Jawa with his young daughter and the terrifying yet highly entertaining encounter with a wild boar that his daughter insisted was a character from the Lion King.

So much laughter contained in this book, coupled with Singapore’s forgotten treasures that you might be inspired to check out, this book is definitely a must read for all Singaporeans out there. Local actor Adrian Pang warns that, “This book can be hazardous to your shorts”.

He is so right.

It is hazardous. But in the best way possible.

Grab your copy now, or you can head down to the library to borrow a copy. If you are interested to check out other works by him, you can visit his website. His three other books published about Singapore, in chronological order, are Notes from an even smaller island, Scribbles from the same island and Final notes from a great island.

Neil Humphreys also released an omnibus version that features all of his Singapore notes into one. Complete notes from Singapore: The Omnibus edition is a trilogy of: ‘Notes From An Even Smaller Island’, ‘Scribbles From The Same Island’, and ‘Final Notes From A Great Island. He also has other books published, with my current favorite, Be My Baby: On the road to fatherhood. A hilarious book that depicts his journey to fatherhood as he prepares for the birth of his first child.

Do check out his works if you love reading. Especially if you love smart humor and having a good laugh, do pick up a copy of his book and I assure you, you will not be disappointed. A list of his publications can be found here.

Let me know which Neil Humphreys book is your favorite! I’d love to hear your views on this amazing author that has showcased Singapore in such a wonderful light.

Till then, read on!

–  Let’s not wait for tomorrow – 

Experiment 101

I was watching the Travel and Living Channel (Starhub 427) the other day and caught my favorite tv personality chef, Nigella Lawson. I absolutely love her. She’s living proof that one can stay plenty gorgeous and eat whatever she wants, weight critics be damned. Coupled with her wit and passion for easy and delicious recipes, I confess that I have a huge teeny crush on her.

That said, Nigella was showing her recipe on Teriyaki Chicken. She made the marinade from scratch, seasoned and cooked the chicken, tossed in some rice noodles to complete the meal.

Intrigued, I decided to try my hand at it. I love to cook. If I had an oven, I’d probably go broke from experimenting all the different desserts and ways I can cook main dishes with it.

Luckily, all I have is a stove. So I’m still quite wealthy.

Or so I tell myself.

I went shopping for ingredients that I needed for my teriyaki marinade. Here is a list of the things you would need to complete the marinade.

So I got my Sake and Mirin (sweet japanese rice wine) from Giant. The smaller bottles are enough, so if you can get a hold of those, that’s great. This is really just the ingredients for the marinade, so you can get about a packet of chicken meat. I’m not sure how many grams that is, but a packet from the supermarket would be enough to feed two. Thigh meat would be a better choice cut and it’ll taste better, but if you’re health conscious, settle for breast meat. I, on the other hand, settled for salmon because I’m fish crazy.

So, here you can see the items that I have gathered. The two clear bottles are my mirin (left) and sake (right). I have my sesame oil just beside it, brown sugar and a grater for my ginger. Nigella’s recipe calls for the chicken meat to be cut into bite sized so its easier to cook and I suppose the flavor seeps into the meat better. So I cut the salmon into smaller pieces and began my marinade!

All you need is a bowl that can contain your meat and the marinade. Don’t worry if your marinade seems lesser than your meat. So just follow the instructions; 2tbsp of Sake, 4 tbsp of mirin, 4 tbsp of soy sauce, 2 tbsp of brown sugar, 2 tbsp of grated ginger (I roughly figured out the ginger to be the size as shown above, didnt really follow the tbsp) and a splash or two of sesame oil, depending how strong you like/want the taste to be. So mix all these ingredients into a bowl/plate, put in your meat (or in my case, salmon) and you should get something like this!

Next, leave it to marinate for about 15 mins, so that the sauce can really seep into the meat and make it flavorful. While waiting for it, you can actually work on the side dish or main that you want to pair this up with. I decided to blanch some xiao bai cai, and serve the salmon on a bed of greens. Other suggestions to serve it would be sticky japanese rice, the sauce would go amazingly well with the rice. Or if you want something light, just boil any vegetable of your choice and serve it as it is! Its still as scrumptious and you dont have to worry about tipping the scales.

Moving on, after the meat has enjoyed its Teriyaki spa, heat up a pan, drizzle a little oil, throw in some garlic and onion, and fry the meat together with it.

Note: Do not cook the marinade in together with the meat. Take the meat out and leave the marinade in your bowl to be cooked with the meat later on.

Now, let your meat cook, and when the outside of the meat is cooked, you can pour the marinade, turn the fire down, lid on, and let it simmer for about 5 mins.

Outside of meat cooked!

Pour in the marinade, lid on, let it simmer for 5 mins!

After that, you can check if the meat is cooked. I’d usually just cut my meat into half to be extra sure, so you can do that to check if the meat is properly cooked. Then, transfer the meat out, but leave the marinade in the pan and turn up the heat. What this does, is it brings the marinade to a boil and it begins to simmer and after about two minutes or so, you’ll get this nice gooey and thick gravy that you use to drizzle and serve on your salmon. So let it bubble and thicken before you turn off the heat. The photo below does not look like much, but trust me, the gravy is scrumptious!

Bubblin’ Gravy!

You’re done! Plated my salmon over a bed of greens and drizzled the gravy over the dish. There are so many ways you can choose to serve this dish, be creative and pair it with something that you love! It can be accompanied with a warm baked potato, or over a comforting bowl of warm sticky rice. Either way, its healthy fast comfort food that is truly satisfying to the soul. Did I mention that it’s great quick fix for japanese craving?

Lunch is served!

My verdict on my first attempt? I would say its a success, but it doesn’t taste like the teriyaki salmon you get from restaurants. Its less sweet and the teriyaki flavor is not as strong. It’s fine for me cause I dont like the overpowering smell of teriyaki sold outside. So this recipe is great. However, if you like the teriyaki taste that is sold outside, I think adding more Mirin (sweet jap rice wine) would give it the extra flavor. An extra dash of sesame might help too. Experiment all you want! That’s the joy in cooking.

Well, this is really a test run for my chicken teriyaki sushi for Flora’s birthday that I’m making. Stay tuned for that! Hopefully my sushi making skills will pass the birthday girl’s, and my friends test!

So, go ahead! Try this recipe and let me know how it works for you! Hope you’ll have fun cooking and greater joy eating your masterpiece!

– I dream of cupcakes and roses  –

Bearing Gifts

As some of you might know, my dear older brother is coming back after a year spent abroad studying! Now, I know that we don’t speak on a daily basis, but he’s the only brother I’ve got, a fact that was drilled into me by my mother whenever I used to bully him as a kid.

So, right now he’s touring Europe, he’s gone to Germany and probably headed to Switzerland, the lucky chap. He sent back both his luggage and in them were our gifts from him! Couldn’t tell which present I was more excited over. The food or my idols merchandises.


All the way from UK, the first thing I had my hands on was my FRIENDS tv boxset! Was squealing in delight over the completed set and I ripped opened the plastic wrap with much enthusiasm.

Doesn’t it just make you swoon? I felt like doing that. Well, after the initial excitement, I re wrapped it in plastic and placed it back in on my shelf, away from temptation’s way. I shall have a marathon only when I’m done with school. Or perhaps on someone’s birthday celebration? Any excuse to watch just 1 season. Okay, who am I kidding, I’d probably watch at least 3 if I lay my hands on it.

Next up, Westlife! I can almost see you rolling your eyes. Okay, now you’re chuckling. Hey, give the girl a break. She’s loyal to a fault.


Key Ring! Love the packaging and the green jewels on the W letter… Which is blocked by the hook… Wonderful.

The highlight of the day, the signed photographs and their farewell tour booklet! Superb. Was flipping through the book and there were so many photographs and bittersweet memories of the band’s 14 year journey. Nothing lasts forever, but I’m so glad they held out this long.

Well, after all the excitement from the presents, the next best gift would be my brother returning home safely. October’s just arrived and 2012 is drawing to a close. I hope that everyone’s year has been smooth so far and let’s hope for a good end to the year.

Afterall, with Christmas just around the corner, happiness can’t be far behind.

Do you make yourself happy? 


Went for a media launch last week and I must say it was a pretty interesting experience!


Credits to Flo for the pictures!

Flora and I made our way to Hummerston’s @ Robertson Walk for launch party and I found the activities and the launch engaging and lively. is an online shopping experience for all you online shopping fanatics out there. The site offers the latest in technology and owners of pride themselves on choosing the trendiest items around for their customers to bid upon. 


The rules are pretty straightforward. You place your bid on the item you want, and if no one outbids you, the item is yours for the bragging. There was a mini demonstration during the launch to show us how easy it was to shop on the site. It was definitely an appeal to me and what I feel sets apart from other online auction sites would be that their starting price is at zero dollars!

At the launch, guests were first registered, and each given a sticker with their name written on it. Goodie bags containing information about, a USB decorative flower lamp, notepad and a pen were also given out to all present. 

The media launch kicked off with the emcee giving a brief introduction about the site. Thereafter, a mini trivia session was introduced and guests grouped up in tens and we were asked to write down answers on a piece of paper. I had alot of fun during this segment, and I thought it was a simple yet engaging idea of bonding a crowd of strangers. Everyone had so much fun answering quirky questions and I felt that this was one of the highlights of the evening. 


Of course, what’s a media launch without food? Food was served on small trays, with each dish being bite sized and all of them were interestingly placed out by the chefs at Hummerstons. I must say, that I have always been fascinated by finger food. They pack so much flavor in that one little bite and you relish in the different flavors that burst in your mouth and then, you find yourself reaching for another morsel. At least, I did. 


This is one of my favorites! Salmon topped cheese served on cold cucumber was a definite crowd pleaser. Of course Flora just ate the salmon and passed the cucumber to me. But, she enjoyed the macaroons and the other little desserts. Click here to see more yummy food!


The night ended with the founders of giving speeches and interacting with the crowd. Naturally, there were lots of people taking photographs at the backdrop wall of, coupled with wacky props.

All in all, it was a fun and engaging night for Flora and myself! Do check out for interesting gadgets and trend items!


Carry On

Finally, 20 days of hanging around in ION has come to an end. You cannot imagine what it’s like to agonize over what to eat at that place. Expensive yet mediocre food. Straight on to piled up assignments over the weeks, nearly done with them, just left some touch ups and I’m free for the weekend. I went on a book borrowing frenzy, must have borrowed 8 books at least. All waiting on the shelf to be read, which I intend to do so, after this assignment and after moping the floor. School term is coming to a close, I guess working during school weeks makes time speed up. Heading out of this island soon for a quick relaxed weekend. Titanic exhibition this saturday, followed by lorla’s play next week. It’s good to have things piled up, keeps my mind off things.

Went back to SJAB the other day. Its good to be back. Sure, I don’t know half of the juniors there. But being back makes me feel happy. Makes me reminisce the good times that I once had and will always treasure. This time of year, they’re training hard for the annual First Aid Competition, just as I did, with my team, 8 years ago. How time flies. When I see them as a team of four, I remember my own team. The nicknames that we were called due to our rebellious nature. But none could deny the passion we had deep in our hearts for st john. We’d spend nearly everyday training, of course, footdrill was the top of our list. Nothing would stop us from training that, even though we needed more training in first aid cases.

Back when we were 14, there was this period of time where we wished that we could just come to school for st john. We’d joke and say, if only our whole school curriculum was about sjab, and we’d just train everyday. That was how much sjab meant to us back then. We trained, but we didnt win the competition. Perhaps too much training, or we could blame it on teenage angst, the four of us began to rebel in the later year of secondary 2. We’d refuse to wear the assigned attire, come late for parades, be rude to seniors, and finally when we became too rebellious to control, we had our ranks frozen. Probably the rudest wakeup call we’d ever receive, but I guess from then on, we kinda outgrew the childish things we once did, and the passion for sjab came back again in full force. Well, for most of us, it did.

Sir Tan told me once, that the officers and the seniors had a nickname for us, 四大天后. It was one of the most ridiculous nicknames that even though and I laughed so hard when I heard it, I couldnt help but silently acknowledge that truth behind it. Recently when I went back, he introduced me to our successors of the title. Looking at the four girls, I couldnt help but see little bits of us reflected in them. Like us, they had the same passion for sjab, they had the drive to win the competition. It made me wistful, heartache, and a sense of bittersweet, as I watched them train together, remembering how we used to train. Watching them is like sneaking a glimpse of the past. Huiyu, our ever determined and forceful leader, was amazing at commands. Kelly, the darling of the team, was the best at CPR, and there was Siewling, our team’s timer, would amuse the other two to no end, by showing us how elastic her skin was when she pinched her cheeks.

Sometimes, when I’m just staring into space, I think of our trainings and I always felt it was wasted that no one had taped them down. Sure, I wouldnt boast much about our first aid skills, but footdrill, that was an different matter all together. Till today, I have yet to see another team’s footdrill comparable to ours. Our sirs were so proud of us, telling us that we were one of the footdrill team he’s ever seen. Personally, I’ve always thought we had such great chemistry was because we trained hard as friends. This led to one of the best combination as a team put together and I think this is why sjab became my life in sec school.

Sad to say, we’ve all moved on. We rarely keep in touch, misunderstandings of some sort or another. The others from my batch don’t come back to sjab anymore, its just me, sometimes. And I always wish, that someday, we’d all come back together, back to the place where we first started. Being the person that I am, I can’t really ever let go, but I know too, that it’s human nature and one can’t fault that.

Just remember that sometimes, you’re not the only one who’s missing the past. And you wonder, if ever someone misses the past the way you do.

Do you?

Staring at the ceiling, dealing with the feelings